Why You should Frame Your Artwork

Framing artwork serves several important purposes, enhancing the piece’s aesthetic and protective aspects. Here are various reasons you should frame your artwork.

Protection from Damage

Framing provides a barrier between the artwork and potential physical damage. It can guard against dust, moisture, and direct contact, helping to preserve the piece over time. Did you know that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light can cause fading and discoloration in your artwork? Many frames come with UV-protective glass or acrylic to shield the artwork from harmful rays, helping to maintain its original colours and vibrancy.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Frames come in various styles, materials, and colours, allowing you to choose what complements your artwork and the surrounding environment. The right frame can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the piece and create a cohesive look.

Value Preservation

Proper framing helps to maintain or even increase the value of your artwork. A well-preserved artwork is more likely to retain its condition and appeal over time. This can be important if you ever decide to sell or pass it down to future generations.

Ease of Display

Frames typically feature hanging hardware, which make it easier to display your artwork on walls. This can be especially helpful for larger pieces or a collection of artworks, creating a cohesive gallery-like display.

Professional Appearance

Framing your artwork gives it a more professional and finished appearance, which is particularly important when exhibiting your work. It also proves useful if the artwork holds sentimental or financial value.