Our Changing Digital Culture

Technology is like a train that seems to be accelerating, changing virtually every aspect of our lives. It is now quite difficult to find an area in our lives untouched by technology. Yet, the art world seems not to embrace technology, more so when it comes to the distribution of precious art. Yes, it is […]

What is Art?

Most people, including those who are very passionate about art and spend a lot of time in museums, have a hard time defining what art really is. They often say that they would recognize it when they see it, yet they can’t always explain what they mean when they use the word “art”. For example, […]

Ancient Art and the Cave of Altamira

  Many ancient pieces of art familiar to mankind today were discovered relatively recently. For example, the Cave of Altamira, a cave located in Cantabria, Spain, the site that contains paintings from over 35,000 years ago, was discovered as recently as 1879. During that year of 1879, a 12-year-old girl accompanied her father on an […]

The Study of Art

  The study of art is the exploration of human feelings, communication, expression, and their history over the ages. While the term “art history” suggests the topic covers only historic aspects of art, in reality, it examines the entire world and goes back to the origins of humankind, studying not only art but also communication, […]

Church Art in Europe in The Middle Ages

  During the Middle Ages, churches and cathedrals in Europe contained large numbers of artworks. The number of churches in Europe expanded significantly after the year 313 when emperor Constantine proclaimed Christianity to be the official religion of the Roman Empire. Many churches featured high ceilings and huge windows because of the idea that spacious […]

The Art of the Roman Civilization

The Roman Empire was one of the vastest civilizations in human history. It started around 3,000 years ago and peaked around 2,000 years ago. The artists that lived in the Roman Empire were heavily influenced by preceding Greek art. However, Romans were able to use Greek influences to create something new and unique that reflected […]

The Role of Glass in Middle Ages Architecture

Because of technological advances during the Middle Ages, glass, and stained glass in particular, became a major art form and an important means of decorating churches. Just like with other arts such as paintings, sculptures and mosaics, most of the themes represented by stained-glass art focused on religious figures and stories from the Bible. However, […]

Looking at Art

  A person doesn’t need to be an artist or an art historian to enjoy and appreciate art. In museums and galleries, different people are attracted to different art pieces because these pieces talk in a unique way to individuals. There are a lot of reasons why a piece of art may resonate with one […]

The Context of Art

  Art is extremely subjective for all the parties involved, including the artist, the audience, and even professional art critics and historians that make a living discovering art, judging art and commenting on art. When artists create their pieces, whether paintings, photos, or installations, they communicate ideas that they’ve developed as a result of their […]