Decorating Your Art Studio

If you have your very own art studio, then you’ll no doubt be wanting the space to have a creative atmosphere whilst being completely personalised to your own tastes. This is the place you go to relax whilst creating your artistic masterpieces, so the decor of the room should match you as a person as well as complement what you’re doing in there. Here are some tips for decorating your art studio in the most expressive ways possible.


Posters have long been the fixture of many teenager’s bedrooms – but they’re perfect for other types of room too! A poster is a simple yet effective way of adding some different styles to a room, such as bold patterns and even images of people you like. You could use posters of famous artworks to really bring out your studio and reflect the work you’ll be doing in there, and these can be a good source of inspiration too when you’re a little stuck on what your next piece of artwork should be. Visiting sites such as can help you find some inspiration for the kind of posters you want, with many styles being available that can be suited to every taste. Posters can be eyecatching and don’t involve a lot of effort to put up, making them ideal for small changes to a room if you’re not redecorating the entire space.


Aside from the posters, you may wish to put up in your art studio, you should consider the rest of the wall too. What colour(s) do you wish for your walls to be? Do you want to have patterned wallpapers that have vibrant colours, or do you want to go for something more neutral and sleek? Whatever you’re hoping to achieve with your art studio’s decor, be sure it’s completely you and suited to your personal taste. Many artists will spend a lot of their time working away in their studio, so making the place personal and comfortable is important – it must be a place you enjoy being in and feel relaxed in. Some artists choose to paint their own pieces of art upon the walls of their studio, which is a fun way of truly expressing yourself upon the walls of your studio.


For the flooring in your art studio, it’s likely that you’ll be wanting something that’s easy to clean and is hard-wearing. Whatever your personal craft, art studios can get messy pretty quickly so it’s important your flooring is capable of being cleaned easily. Laminate floorings can be great for art studios, they’re generally more affordable than solid wood flooring and they’re easy to mop clean should you spill anything or make a little mess whilst creating your art. If you’re hoping to achieve the warmer and more homely feel that carpet can provide, then consider using some well-placed rugs. The benefits of a rug rather than a full carpet is that they have that same cosy feel and can help add some different textures to a room, whilst also being easy to pick up and wash clean.

Whether you choose to decorate your art studio in vibrant colours that make a statement, or with more neutral shades of white – ensure the space reflects who you are and inspires your best work.