Digital Art in Game Development

It has been rightly said that art touches the soul. And this is nowhere more true than in the media we consume all around us. Whether it is art in advertisements, movies, colouring books, or any number of other mediums. With the recent boom in technology and an increase in the computing power of the average consumer electronic product, they’re able to display digital art and graphics at the highest level possible. And this is most apparent in video games as they’re built via a process that combines digital art and software development. Video games can render massive, complex worlds filled with various activities for the players to engage in and accomplish.

Video game digital art might seem somewhat simplistic on paper, as video games are basically drawings on the screen. However, they actually encompass a lot of sub-fields of art design such as concept art, environment art, animation, UI design, level design, and much more. When these aspects are skillfully fused with programming, game developers can create virtual worlds for players to enjoy. Hence, digital art becomes an essential part of the video game development process. This goes for other pieces of software as well, such as websites or productivity-related applications. A clean user interface, appropriate colouring and design result in a better user experience.

For an individual looking to become proficient in video game art design, they are required to have a passion for drawing and games. And bringing to life vibrant characters and worlds by digging into the depths of their imagination. It is not something one can learn over a week but requires constant practice and determination. For a digital artist, knowing all the tools at their disposal is also of paramount importance. There is a wide range of art creation software available on the market such as the Adobe suite of products, Maya, 3DS Max, et cetera. The choice usually comes down to personal preference, as what might work for one may not for the other. Digital art design is a creative endeavour and a rewarding career path for those looking to showcase their boundless creativity to the world.