Use Art to Get More Likes on Your Social Media Photos

In the past decade, digital photography based social media outlets, such as Instagram, Vine and Vero, have all contributed to massive changes in the way that people consume, share and experience art. This new selfie phenomenon may look luxurious and expensive, but getting those awesome shots is easier than ever before.

Everyone can take editorial style photographs for social media by using their professional pictures, but it isn’t always easy to figure out your own Online digital marketing and self-promotion. Since every person has their own personal image to manage, unique photographic opportunities are becoming more valued and more readily available than ever before. Getting that particular shot which captures your personality is really important, and luckily, it has become more convenient than ever to get a highly likeable photograph.

Manage your social media accounts in a way which will surprise all of your friends, by taking advantage of these tips for excellent and accessible photo opportunities in your area.

Accessible Art

It used to take an investment of hundreds of dollars to get editorial style photos. Now, you can find colourful graffiti and public art scattered all over local spaces, set up just for your digital shots for social media. Check out any downtown block, and you’ll find angel wings painted on walls set up for you to step inside or head into any public park and you’ll find oversized sculptures which make beautiful photos without having to travel very far. Companies are taking advantage of this trend by painting their buildings bright colours, getting great works of graffiti placed on their walls and adding life to their interiors and patios that are more photographable than ever before. These new colourful spots are attracting more foot traffic than ever before, bringing people from the sidewalks to buildings that never had much appeal before.

Instagram Exhibits

In addition to the rise in public art, there has been a new trend of exhibiting accessible and interactive spaces. Museums are taking on more exhibits which people can step inside and be photographed within. Not only are museums located in all major cities but travelling exhibits are becoming more and more popular. Places such as the happy place, the museum of ice cream and 29 rooms offer people the opportunity to wander in spaces that make for interesting photo opportunities for a minimal fee. Some rooms are upside down, some are filled with candy, while others offer the opportunity to sit inside a giant pool of confetti. No matter which room you choose, the photos are bound to go viral and grab you tons of likes on all of your social media accounts.