Finding Artistic Images for a Website

To set up a new website, you will need to find images for it. Blog posts and articles need to be broken up with appropriate pictures rather than a reader having to face long passages of text. Appropriate photos will keep your visitors engaged and could include infographics to add further details. However, one stumbling block is that any images you use have to be copyright-free; otherwise, you could be subject to legal action.

Seeking Expert Help

You have a couple of options when building your website. You could seek the help of a professional company such as, who will cover every step, including sourcing digital art. Or you can create your own website with the use of drag-and-drop software. However, you will then have to find your own images and make sure they comply with the regulations. Often, it is easier and more cost-effective in the long run to employ, knowing that all the small details will be taken care of.

Where to Find Art for Your Website

There are numerous sites that offer copyright-free art, such as Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash. However, the images are pretty generic and certainly won’t include branded products or celebrities if this is important to you. Another option is to use the Google Image search. When the results are presented, you will see the Tools option. By clicking on this, you can filter the images to find out which have a Creative Commons license and can be safely used.

Paying for Art

You may find some subscription sites that offer better-quality images, but you will have to pay for them. When viewing the pictures, you will see a watermark embedded in them. Once you have paid the appropriate fee, you will be supplied with an image with no watermark. If you are happy to pay for digital, then you may as well go to and let them create a whole new, unique brand design for your company.

Storing Your Digital Assets

Many images are quite large and will need to be compressed before you use them. Otherwise, they could slow down your website, and Google will not rank your site highly. There are many plugins you can add to your website that will compress them automatically before they are published. This will save you time in the end, rather than having to manually re-size them all yourself. Building a website can be a fun task, and finding art for it is part of the pleasure.