The Common Types of Digital Art

Digital art is commonly referred to as the process of making digital images, animations, or other interactive multimedia. It could be created using various tools, such as 2D software, 3D software, graphics tablets, and drawing tablets. Digital art has become popular since the late 1990s when artists began to produce computer-generated images and new media. This article discusses the common types of digital art.

Digital Painting

Digital painting, in short, is a painting that applies any digital tools, such as computer software or hardware, to make imagery. In the process, computers are used to generate art via computer programs and hardware. So while the seasonal masters who have practised for years could use digital painting to create imagery, for the young people who love digital art, it could also make it an excellent choice.

Digital Photography

Digital photography has become one of the several types of digital art that have been practised the most on digital cameras. Digital photographs can be easily altered and manipulated in several different ways.

Computer Graphics

Computer graphics refer to the use of digital images to generate visual representations of a design. For example, in architecture, product design, or engineering, computer graphics could be applied in various fields that usually require creative as well as technical illustration.

Photo Painting

Photo painting is referred to as a technique that uses high-quality digital photographs as a canvas. The artists use paint-stylized brush strokes, effects, and layers to re-create an image carefully from a collection of hundreds.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping refers to the process of transforming the appearance of a real-time object by mixing still images, computer graphics, and video. Projection mapping is often used in the applications of entertainment, such as special effects in films, concerts, museums, galleries, architectural projections, and even casinos.